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Let's Meet
    June 29, 2023

    Designing your dream team with PI Design

    Reference profiles are fun, right? Remember how great it was to be able to say “I’m a Captain” and people just knew what you meant? Reference Profiles are a short-hand way to see how someone is likely to approach a task, a problem, or a relationship. Wouldn’t it be cool if you had a profile for your team? YOU DO!

    PI Design takes the idea of individual behavioral drives and expands it to how teams approach their work. Every team is different - they’re impacted by the drives of each individual included. As such, each team will have their own strengths (at Lever Talent, we call these superpowers), as well as potential caution areas to be aware of. By analyzing the aggregate behavioral assessment results of a team, PI can summarize the overall behavioral styles and motivations of that team.

    The Science team at PI researched and surveyed thousands of teams (the research effort involved a sample of 127,000 individuals across 22,000 teams) to align on nine Team Types, a shorthand way to describe teams similarly to reference profiles. The PI Design module takes all the members of a team and plots them on a chart using their greatest individual behavioral drives. The combination of these drives results with a Team Type.

    You may be thinking, that’s great and all (and we agree; self-awareness is the first step to greatness) - but what else can I do with that information? PI Design goes one step further than just building awareness for the team and allows you to overlay a team’s strategy, providing you with one of 10 Strategy Types used to describe common team objectives. By visualizing your Team Type and Strategy Type side by side, you’ll be able to identify risks and opportunity areas when it comes to executing your team’s strategy.

    You can even use PI Design in combination with PI Hire when looking for the next perfect fit for your team. For example, if your team has a strategy that will heavily rely on employees who fall into the Teamwork & Employee Experience quadrant, but the current team is pretty light there, you may want to focus your recruiting efforts on candidates whose Dominance and Formality Drives are on the high end of the spectrum. 

    What are you waiting for? Create your first team! New clients to PI secure access to PI Design and one free team slot for the first year of their contract. Once you’ve seen the power of Team and Strategy Types, we’re sure you’ll want to keep it!

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