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    MVV Program Overview

    Mission, Vision, Values Transformation


    Business Building Blocks

    Strategy, structure, process, and people are the building blocks of a successful business. Companies that meticulously define and understand these elements enjoy greater alignment, operational efficiency, and a clear vision of the necessary skills across their teams. Often, it’s through the articulation of these foundational aspects that organizations uncover their mission, vision, and values (MVV). At Lever Talent, we guide executive teams in recognizing the importance of establishing MVV upfront. This approach ensures the remaining elements naturally align, diminishing the need for command and control and setting the stage for seamless business operations and growth.

    Accelerate the velocity of good decisions, and you’ll accelerate growth. 

    What are Mission, Visions, and Values?

    Defined, well-aligned, and effectively communicated mission, vision, and values give team members at every level a strategic blueprint for decision-making in the company’s best interests. Your mission articulates the impact your company aspires to have on the world, while the vision outlines the company’s goals and achievements for the coming years. Your values establish the minimum required behaviors expected of all employees, regardless of their position, and serve as the bedrock of an accountability-driven culture.



    Corporate Values Maximize Leverage

    Your values are the minimum required behaviors to function at your company. We’ll collect input from your senior team and across your workforce to identify values that resonate and spur the right change to achieve your vision.

    A company’s culture hinges on the behaviors it rewards and celebrates. While values such as trust, integrity, and fun are critical to being a human at work, the real challenge lies in identifying which values will drive the behavioral adaption needed to fulfill the company’s vision. We guide executive teams through this complex process of comparing their company’s current state with what they aspire to become. We meticulously examine the disparities to highlight the core values essential for the company to realize its vision.


    Kick off with Camp, our MVV Leadership Team Workshop

    Every MVV engagement kicks off with an executive team discovery session called MVV Camp, which allows them to calibrate on the current state of the company, envision what’s possible, and create a compelling and vivid picture of the future.

    Your team will participate in a professionally facilitated half- or full-day strategy session that lays the groundwork for the MVV definition and develops a cultural manifesto to bring it to life, following the four-part agenda below.


    Mission, Vision, Values Default Rollout

    Align your mission, vision, and values to increase accountability, empower good decision-making, and accelerate growth. We’ll collaborate with you to create a phased plan that looks something like this:


    Start your MVV Transformation

    Align your Mission, Vision, and Values to have an impact like never before with Lever Talent, Inc. - the talent strategy agency. We help businesses deploy technology-enabled talent strategies that empower leaders to find leverage in themselves and their teams to spur growth in any market.

    Let’s Chat About Making Your MVV Dreams Come True