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Let's Meet
    Leadership Program

    Lead with Leverage Management Training


    Maximize Your Investment

    Leader and manager effectiveness is the top priority of most HR leaders and CEOs. People managers rarely have opportunities to hone their skills. Increases in remote and asynchronous work only raise these stakes.

    Our Lead with Leverage training program helps managers discover superpowers, synthesize corporate objectives into unit plans and goals, and gives them the skills to lead teams through anything.


    Lead with Leverage™

    In Lead with Leverage, leaders participate in a series of four sessions (~4 hours each) every two weeks. Each session builds on the last - with participants completing projects in between - ensuring they finish the program with all they need to confidently lead a team built on trust and accountability. Delivery formats (in-person and/or virtual) and session schedules can be customized to your pace and calendar.


    Program Comparisons

    Our team has been certified in, delivered, and developed several leadership training programs. Many team members have led in corporate settings in key management and C-suite positions. We’ve also researched over 30 leadership programs from some of the most prestigious institutions. The end result is a leadership training program that standardizes the right behaviors to increase the velocity of good decision-making and align teams better than ever.


    Lead with Leverage Outcomes

    Leaders Will Gain the Following Insights:
    1. Understanding personal behavioral drives, values, and leadership style.
    2. Mapping corporate mission, visions, and values to your team charter.
    3. Drafting a team plan, organization design, and project roadmap.
    4. Setting meetings, calendars, objectives, and task delegation.
    5. Coaching, mentorship, delivering, and receiving feedback.
    6. Shaping career and personal development programs.

    Explore Lead with Leverage

    Lead with Leverage is developed and delivered by Lever Talent, Inc - the talent strategy agency. We help businesses deploy technology-enabled talent strategies that empower leaders to find leverage in themselves and their teams to spur growth in any market.