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Let's Meet
Let's Meet
    January 31, 2024

    Naturally Memorable: Leadership Reflections from the 2023 Engage Women's Summit

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    The Women's Summit, Engage, held by Foundry Commercial in Orlando for its second year, was an absolutely extraordinary event. It was an honor to attend the summit as both a participant and a featured speaker during the "Discover your Superpowers" session, making the experience truly unforgettable.

    Being a practitioner of The Predictive Index (PI), I was immensely impressed by how frequently the speakers at the summit shared their PI insights, discussing their drives, needs, and behaviors. The seamless integration of PI into the fabric of the organization was undeniably evident, showcasing Foundry's exceptional utilization of this powerful tool. It was clear that Foundry doesn't just incorporate PI, but actively leverages it to its fullest potential.

    Throughout the Women's Summit, attendees immersed themselves in the practical strategies shared, with a strong focus on amplifying and refining their individual superpowers. The gained insights provided a solid foundation for continuous personal and professional growth. Participants created personal calls to action, demonstrating their dedication to ongoing development.

    During the session, a concluding call to action emerged: "Write a letter to yourself." This activity engaged participants in the "Dear Me" exercise, where they were prompted to envision themselves three months into the future. They were encouraged to acknowledge their accomplishments, reflect on milestones achieved, and contemplate the lessons learned or personal growth experienced during that period.

    As we approach nearly 90 days since the summit, the time has come to send out these letters. It's possible that by the time the recipients receive them, they may have forgotten about the exercise. However, my hope is that the familiarity of their own handwriting or the resonance of those words of encouragement will transport them back to the impactful moments they experienced at the Summit.


    Meg Patel

    Talent Concierge. Executive Coach.

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