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    October 31, 2023

    Supporting Your Employees During the Israel-Hamas Conflict: A Guide for Business Leaders

    The recent conflict between Israel and Hamas has left many devastated. The destruction and violence have left families across the world grieving for their loved ones, friends, and colleagues. Some of your employees have likely been affected by the atrocities of this ongoing conflict. The emotional impact can leave your employees feeling anxious, depressed, or unable to function. In this blog post, we'll outline what you can do to support your employees during these challenging times.


    Acknowledge the Incidents and Show Support:

    All business leader needs to be compassionate and empathetic towards their employees. The first step you can take is to communicate your acknowledgment of the incidents and show support for your team members who may be impacted. A simple email or message expressing your condolences and support can go a long way in making your employees feel heard and cared for.


    Clearly Outline Appropriate Support Channels:

    It's vital to provide your employees with appropriate channels to seek support. You can clearly outline the support channels available through your benefits provider or through taking time off. Many employees may need time off or additional mental health support during these challenging times. Ensure your employees know the available options and encourage them to utilize them.


    Host an Optional Meeting:

    If you feel that your team would benefit from gathering together and processing the matter, you can host an optional meeting. This gathering could allow employees to share their thoughts, feelings, and emotions and support each other. It's important to note that participation should be entirely optional and that employees should not be pressured to attend.


    Let Business Carry On:

    While some employees may need additional support during this challenging time, others may benefit from the work routine. As long as your employees feel supported and heard, it's okay for business to carry on as usual with regular breaks as needed.


    Show Your Company's Support Through Donations:

    Finally, consider donating to organizations helping those directly impacted by the events. By showing your company's support through donations, you can make a significant impact on those who need it most. Here are some institutions where you can donate to help those affected:


    As a business leader, it's essential to acknowledge the incidents and support team members who may be impacted. By outlining appropriate support channels, hosting optional meetings, and donating to organizations helping those affected by the events, you can make a significant impact on your employees and the community. Remember that during these challenging times, compassion, empathy, and support can go a long way toward making your employees feel heard and cared for.

    Would you like help navigating this or other difficult situations with your employees? Lever Talent can support your team by facilitating group conversations or assisting with communications plans and messages. Contact the Lever Talent team.

    Drew Fortin

    Drew is a people-first, values-driven leader with nearly 20 years of growth strategy and team-building experience across retail, marketing technology, local media, and HR tech. He spent 7 years at The Predictive Index, where he was Chief Growth Officer responsible for the company's strategy to build the world's first...

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