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    December 13, 2023

    20 Top AI-Powered HR Tools of 2023

    The rapid developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have transformed various industries, including human resources (HR). Many HR tools that use AI to make the hiring process more efficient and scalable across the hire-to-retire lifecycle have emerged. From screening resumes to scheduling interviews and automating repetitive tasks, these AI-powered HR tools can help businesses save time and resources in HR operations. In this blog post, we'll share a listicle of the top 20 AI-powered HR tools that every business can use in 2023.

    Saftey First: When deploying AI-based HR tools, understanding and implementing an AI governance plan is crucial. The use of AI in HR processes involves considerable amounts of sensitive personal data, making data protection and privacy key concerns. A well-defined AI governance plan ensures regulatory compliance, mitigating legal and reputational risks associated with data breaches or misuse. Additionally, it guides the responsible use of AI, ensuring fairness and avoiding biases in HR decisions influenced by AI. Consequently, having an HR AI governance plan can shield your company from potential liabilities and fosters trust and transparency, which are fundamental to employee satisfaction and engagement.

    Here's a list of 20 top AI-powered HR tools of 2023 labeled by major HR disciplines.

    AI-powered Talent Acquisition Tools

    1. Attract AI

    Attract.AI is a talent search engine that uses AI to automate candidate sourcing and engagement. It can search and filter through millions of social and professional profiles and find the best candidates that match your job description.

    2. Paradox AI

    Paradox AI uses a conversational AI system to automate the recruiting process from screening resumes to scheduling interviews. It can engage with candidates, answer their questions, and even schedule the interview on their behalf.

    3. Fetcher AI

    Fetcher AI provides AI-powered sourcing and outreach, Fetcher AI finds and engages with top talent. It can help identify passive candidates and use personalized messaging to attract them to apply for job openings.

    4. Textio

    Textio is used by TA teams to attract more qualified candidates. Textio helps write bias-free and engaging job descriptions. Its AI engine analyzes language patterns and suggests edits to improve the job description’s impact.

    5. Manatal

    Manatal is an all-in-one recruitment software that uses AI to streamline the sourcing and hiring process. It uses AI-powered recommendations and candidate profile enrichment to post jobs across 2,500+ sites and facilitates candidate onboarding. 

    6. HireVue

    HireVue, an AI-powered hiring platform, revolutionizes HR processes by focusing on candidate potential rather than past achievements. It automates workflows, supports round-the-clock engagement, provides fair assessments, and promotes inclusivity in hiring, thereby linking talent with opportunity effectively. 

    7. Interviewer AI

    Interviewer AI helps companies automate candidate selection by conducting asynchronous, virtual screening interviews with job applicants. It analyzes video footage based on set requirements and prioritizes candidates who fit best. 

    AI-Powered Performance Management & Employee Engagement Tools

    8. Effy AI

    Effy AI is a platform for performance reviews and 360-degree feedback. Using AI-based analytics to measure employee and team performance can provide insights to help employees grow and improve.

    9. IntelliHR

    IntelliHR is a performance management platform that includes goal setting and professional development and uses AI to provide data and insights into employee performance. It also helps support employee performance development with personalized guidance.

    10. Leena AI

    Leena AI is an employee experience platform for HR that uses virtual assistants to curate employee onboarding, training, and development programs. It uses AI to respond to employee inquiries in real-time and reduce employee onboarding time.

    11. PI Charma

    The Predictive Index (PI) has AI-powered performance management software (since its recent acquisition of Charma) and leverages its unique behavioral data sets to optimize meetings, task management, 360-degree feedback, and goal-tracking with AI. 

    12. Weeve AI

    Weeve AI is a system that helps companies pinpoint the causes of employee attrition and influence with natural language processing (NLP) and network analysis. It leverages an AI chat to implement real-time action planning to address critical issues and increase retention.

    13. Engagedly

    Engagedly is an AI-powered talent management platform that enhances performance management, learning and development, and employee engagement. It automates routine tasks, supports data-driven decision-making, and heightens predictive analytics, empowering organizations to cultivate a high-performing culture and drive long-term success.

    AI-powered Learning & Development Tools

    14. EdApp

    EdApp: EdApp is an AI-powered learning management system (LMS) that personalizes learning experiences. It provides training that adapts to every employee's capabilities and skill level.

    15. JuiceBox

    JuiceBox is a flexible AI-powered microlearning platform for businesses. It allows users to create and deliver bite-sized mobile-first learning experiences using AI instantly.

    16. SkyHive

    SkyHive leverages artificial intelligence to deeply understand labor markets, workforces, and skills, facilitating skill-based proximity analysis and identifying new career pathways at scale. 

    17. Realizeit

    RealizeIt is an AI-enhanced learning platform that optimizes education through continuous adaptive learning and intelligent content curation. By personalizing learning maps, it fosters an individualized educational journey, ensuring each learner's unique needs are met. 

    Other AI-powered HR Tools

    18. FairNow

    FairNow: FairNow is an AI governance platform for HR. It automatically indexes the data sets and models that power your HR systems and ensures you have the right checks and balances in place to comply with government regulations and audits.

    19. Eightfold

    Eightfold is an all-in-one talent management platform that uses AI to match individuals to the right opportunities, enhances predictive analytics for talent trends, and empowers organizations to create a thriving and diverse workforce. 

    20. Crunchr

    Crunchr is a people analytics platform that consolidates data from multiple HR and business systems and offers an AI assistant to provide any leader quick insights to people without breaking confidentiality and permission settings. 

    Companies today are looking for ways to streamline HR operations, reducing their costs and helping them make better decisions. The range of AI-powered HR tools listed above can help businesses to hire the right people, to develop and maintain strong employee relationships, and to nurture and manage performance throughout an employee's career.

    By using AI to automate time-consuming tasks and processes, HR professionals can focus on building and nurturing employee engagement, workplace culture, diversity, and inclusion, among other high-value activities. By using these top AI-powered HR tools, businesses can take advantage of the AI revolution in HR and position themselves as leaders in their industries.

    Drew Fortin

    Drew is a people-first, values-driven leader with nearly 20 years of growth strategy and team-building experience across retail, marketing technology, local media, and HR tech. He spent 7 years at The Predictive Index, where he was Chief Growth Officer responsible for the company's strategy to build the world's first...

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